W.H. Marshall’s 1938 Lakin “Masterpiece Waltzer”



1938 Lakin Masterpiece Waltzer. The subject of a 10 year restoration, one of the world’s greatest surviving fairground rides from the 1930’s. This stunning machine will be for sale on completion in early 2021.

W8 W. H. Marshall [38] – J. C. Gray [44] – F. Parkin [47] – J. W. Leonard [47] – G. Wilkie (New Brighton) [50] – Marcus Priest n/g [97] – David Littleboy n/g [07]

The price quoted for this machine is the fully restored price including a design review and ADIPS testing.

For further information please contact sales@littleboys.co.uk


The sale price of this ride is subject to VAT.


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