A 1901 Dunton of Reading Ledge Wagon


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A 1901 Dunton of Reading Ledge Wagon. (one of a pair remaining)

Its early history is unknown but was first seen by the former owner in the Cirencester / Swindon area where he purchased it. The step nose (brass) reads George Street Dublin giving a thought that it may have crossed the water to Ireland at some point in its lifetime.

There are two pictures in John Barker /Peter Ingram’s first book Romany Relics page 107.

One interesting feature is the stove, almost unique in these days a “Colchester” made by Beard & Sons the predecessor of the Hostess and Nipper ranges fitted.

The wagon contains a small picture of a gypsy lady . The picture is called Gypsy splendour 1939. The artist is Dame Laura Knight R.A.

The axel is engraved APL 1901.