Dutch street organ by Limonaire Frères “The Baron” (previously also known as “Pinoccio”)

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Dutch street organ by Limonaire Frères “The Baron” (previously also known as “Pinoccio”)


This organ was converted from barrel to book operation in Paris by Limonaire Frères and was used by the organ rental agency of Louis Holvoet in Rotterdam. Over the years, it has had many owners, and for a period saw use in the centre of a fairground ride. After exploitation on the streets of a number of Dutch towns, we brought it to England. The then owner had the front re-decorated but poor health forced its sale. We carried out the overhaul of the organ and later added a conductress figure. On completion, some new books were supplied and the organ was installed in a custom-built close-coupled box trailer.


The organ retains the characteristic Limonaire sound; the added bourdon register is understood to have been made by Anton Pluer. This organ plays on the 47-key Limonaire scale with 6 bass notes, and has three automatic registers for violin, bourdon and trombone.

This is a really handy organ, not too large or heavy to handle, and with a volume that is well suited to playing in town centres. 30 books are included. Whilst newer street organs are readily available, it is much harder to get a quality original instrument such as this one. The organ is presently located in our showroom and awaits any inspection. The only negative point we should mention is that the trailer, built new for this organ, now requires a set of new tyres to comply with the current regulations.

We will be pleased to furnish any further information on request.

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