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A rare handmade fairground vintage nostalgia original sign.

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Fairground Art and painted signs tell the story of the development of fairground over the last century or so and begin with elaborate carved wood signs often gilded to enhance their appearance. Later the signs became simpler in construction but the artwork remained highly decorative and usually came from the prominent ride and sideshow makers of the day R.J. Lakin, Orton and Spooner, Maxwell, and the sideshow / round stall / hoopla makes of firms like Barker and Markland. The most highly sought after of these today were painted by the famous artists of the day Edwin Hall, and Fred Fowle and in later years Pete Tate and the Carter family Anna Carter and her son Joby Carter. There are many more lesser known artists many of them showman or from traveling fairground families.

This incredible panel is an original panel from the side section of the yachts ride traveled for many years by Carters Royal Berkshire Steam Fair.

It was painted by Anna Carter.

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Dimensions182 × 160 cm