Austin Car Ride

A Formidable History

Built in the 1950’s the Austin cars were made as pedal cars however, the factory also made a more robust version for fairground use the main differences being much heavier axles and no pedals.

This particular ride was purchased in 2009 and has undergone a huge restoration. The cars have been completely refurbished in Wakefield and had heavy duty chassis and new axles added to ensure they are robust enough for daily fairground use.

The motors and running gear have also been serviced or replaced and the machine has attended a couple of events at which it was hugely popular and commercially very successful. The actual track and upper decoration was sadly too bad to save so was heavily rebuilt and replaced and now stands as a hugely decorative piece of equipment.

Scroll through our picture galleries below for a journey through the life of this magnificent machine.

A touch of Fairground Artisanship

We have created merchandise, as well as holding stock of original fairground items and artwork. If you’d like a piece of the past, made for the future, you’ll find something just for you in our online shop.




Truck & Paybox

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