Dodgem Ride

A Formidable History

Manufactured by Ex-Lakin man Phillip Tew this is one of the UK’s largest Dodgem tracks at an overall size of 92ft x 52ft.

Littleboy’s purchased the track from the Coupland family and added a wonderful set of 24 matching vintage dodgem cars bought from the late George Scarrott in Royal Wooten Bassett. George a true gentleman and his sons had looked after the cars and maintained them in wonderful condition.

Littleboy’s are currently refurbishing the track and cars after which a new set of decorative rounding boards will be added before the track and cars take pride of place in the new Dreamland Amusement park in Margate in Kent. Thank you to The Dreamland Trust for the use of your images.

Scroll through our picture galleries below for a journey through the life of this magnificent machine.

A touch of Fairground Artisanship

We have created merchandise, as well as holding stock of original fairground items and artwork. If you’d like a piece of the past, made for the future, you’ll find something just for you in our online shop.

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