Speedway Ride

A Formidable History

This machine was our first large restoration project during we uncovered with the help of a great many people and some determined detective work the entire early history of the machine.

Built in 1934 by Orton & Spooner this machine had various owners including the famous north east showman William Noble. After a spell in an Amusement Park in the Isle of Sheppey it was purchased by the Smith family of Leighton Buzzard. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Late Albert Smith a gentlemen without whom I doubt we could have restored the machine. His advice and information was invaluable.

We embarked on a total restoration of this machine including remaking the large scenic front section of the machine which had been sold off many years earlier.

Scroll through our picture galleries below for a journey through the life of this magnificent machine.

A touch of Fairground Artisanship

We have created merchandise, as well as holding stock of original fairground items and artwork. If you’d like a piece of the past, made for the future, you’ll find something just for you in our online shop.



Centre truck

Handrails & Outer platforms

Rounding boards


Platforms & Girders


Replacement front


2017 refurbishment