Zodiac Jets Ride

A Formidable History

The Jets built by Lang Wheels in the late 1950’s have had many owners the approximate list is:  W. Nichols (1958) – J. Guest (1972) – F. Jones jnr (1978) – Tony Cotton? – P. West (1993) – J. Gould (1995) – Martin Ball – Carters (1996) – Littleboy’s (2012).

Purchased by Littleboy’s from Carters Steam Fair in London who had travelled this wonderful ride for many years, this ride is currently undergoing a complete restoration prior to leaving for its new owners Thanet District Council where it will form part of the new Dreamland Amusement Park in Margate, Kent.

Littleboy’s restoration includes the preservation of some beautiful artwork which was created by the Carter family and which we hope will grace the ride for many years to come.

Thank you Chris Russell and The Dreamland Trust for the use of your images.

Scroll through our picture galleries below for a journey through the life of this magnificent machine.

A touch of Fairground Artisanship

We have created merchandise, as well as holding stock of original fairground items and artwork. If you’d like a piece of the past, made for the future, you’ll find something just for you in our online shop.

Images from the Past


Arms & Rams

Centre truck & Control cabin



Delivery & Installation