Fairground Rides

A Historic one-off – their only fairground attraction

In a historic one-off, iconic British motor car and engineering company, Rolls-Royce – in ‘an everlasting expression of the exceptional’ – made this fairground ride. This ‘worker’s carousel’ was built by them in the 1930’s to entertain workers on their field days.

And now it is in our Littleboy’s showroom!


The roundabout has 24 horses. These were cast in the aluminium foundry at Rolls-Royce in Derby, and which are fitted with leather saddles and reins.

Giving a horse a name: The 12 outside horses are named after famous Rolls Royce cars and aero engines, such as Ghost, Shadow, Merlin, Phantom.







It is thought to be the only carousel made by the engineering company, and we have the absolute privilege to have assembled it in our showroom. It will be listed on our website to be sold. But while it’s here with us, we are enjoying every bit of living classic history – at Littleboy’s!










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